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              The story started in 1958 when Tom Lieb purchased the roadster and

         then shelved it for the next 49 years. The build percolated all that time                   and finally in 2007, the decision to mount the body on a '32 frame was                   made. The job was given to longtime friend Pete Chapouris and the Pomona         SO-CAL Speed Shop team. Jimmy Shine was chosen to head the fabrication         crew as he has worked closely with Tom on several Pebble Beach award                 winning car projects in the past.

     The game plan was established from the start as to what the car would be, and most importantly what it wouldn't be. No tubular cross members,  no tilt steering wheel, no exceptions. The theme of the build was: What would Henry Ford have built in 1929 for a discerning customer who demanded perfection?

     "Parts" arrived weekly from Tom's private collection, accumulated from all over the world. Coffee was consumed, ideas discussed, and the combination of extremely rare parts were cut and mated together to create "one-off" pieces of what would become the SCAT Roadster, "A junk yard dog with a pedigree." The first build was completed in 2010...Tom now turned to Shine Speedshop for its 2016 America's Most Beautiful Roadster (A.M.B.R.) competition for a "tune-up" and fresh upgrades.

     Many accolades and awards were garnered for this unique car that came from the creative minds of Tom, Pete and Jimmy...The Dream Team.

    The original 1929 Ford Stamped on July 16, 1929. Body channeled over chassis 1". Cab moved back 3" for added leg room and gives the chopped convertible folding top the correct profile. Sectioned and nosed 1929 grill in combination with 1933 Ford hood sides but with only 17 louvers. Hood latches are 1921 Duesenberg.

     Firewall is recessed and riveted; hood prop assembly is a custom spring load ratchet. Rumble seat deck lid maintained but pivots moved to allow for rear spring blister.

     Hand built dash with gauge cluster insert to resemble Auburn but two piece with sandwiched beveled glass, etched brass background and 1925 themed National gauges, silicon bronze trim to separate the brass and nickel plating. Quick release banjo steering wheel with column hang hook. A laid back "dollar bill" chopped windshield completes the attitude. 

     Gabe Lopez upholstery in Relicate "tipped leather". Custom aircraft style seatbelts. Linear ribbed rubber floor with stainless surround trim. Cloth covered wiring throughout the vehicle and wrapped in black waxed linen cord "telephone stitch".

     Front spreader bar is single bolt with tin valance under the grill. Headlights are 1923  Wills St. Claire. Rear tail light is 1926 Wills St. Claire which also houses the 1956 California license plate. Rear push bar to mimic early dirt track roadsters.

     Chassis is So-Cal Speedshop perimeter A-V8 with hand built C-Channel cross members riveted and dimpled to mimic original chassis. 1940 vented juice brakes. 1936 rear axle bells on a sprint car Halibrand 3rd member raced by Tom in the 1960's. Rear tube shocks are 1952 "Skyride".

  Bell dropped front axle purchased in 1961 for $15.00. Custom wish bones with internal sleeves for added strength. Silicon bronze shackle bushings. Front shocks are 1946 Ford. Steering box is F100 with frenched chassis mount. 

     17" custom dimpled wire wheels utilizing 1936 Ford hubs with Firestone dirt track rear tires and rib runners up in front. Fuel tank is made from a military G-1 oxygen tank widened for additional capacity, stainless straps and shackles with a 1961 aviation cap that has been safety wired and tagged. 

     Engine is 288 cu. in. 1948 59-AB Ford flathead, SCAT 4.125" Crank, H-Beam Rods, Winfield Cam, Edelbrock heads and intake, twin original Stromberg 97 carburetors,1929 Lincoln air cleaners on custom intake ducting, custom plug wire looms, copper plated fuel lines and even spark plugs, bell cranks, linkage and fuel log cast in red bronze, custom mechanical fan assembly rotates counter clockwise to crank, exhaust manifolds are from WW2 American landing craft found in New Zealand. Transmission is a David Kee 4 speed toploader.

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