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BFGs Whiskey Runner '34 coupe

whiskey runner 2.jpg

Front man for the band ZZ Top, Billy F. Gibbons has always had an eye for early ‘30’s Ford coupes. Billy found this 3-window in the works over at friend Rudy Rodriguez’s shop and had to have it. The coupe had a serious Bonneville chop and all the right parts, next stop was SO-Cal Speed Shop to make some sparks and smoke.

mirage pic.jpg

Pete Chapouris donated a very rare ‘46 331 c.i. pre-production Cadillac motor to the project. A turbo 350 transmission was modified to fit, and of course, a Halibrand banjo rearend to push it along. Jimmy became the project manager and worked closely with both Billy and Pete. Ideas are never in short supply and sometimes the more obscure ones actually work. Case in point: the “cyclops” light idea that came to Billy in a dream. Yup, a dream. The 24 Volt part itself came from an unknown aircraft landing system. Some wiring tricks were used to make that work! The car has many “one-off” features and is very unique but still not complete.

Billy chose to have the car in primered form play center stage in ZZ Top’s ‘I Gotsta Get Paid’ music video (below). The car was also featured in the Grand Lobby of the 2014 SEMA Show... Car is currently being completed and preparing to be finished and will again go on tour with the up and coming ZZ top 2020 album. 

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