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67 Chevy C/10

 The truck was given to Gus by his father when he was a kid in High School. Gus and his then Girlfriend Tania ( later to become his wife and mother of his children ) went on their first date in this very truck. Tania will admit it didn’t look like this when they first got together, as she recalls “the hood never fit very well at the cowl, always stuck up a bit”. . . . well that had to be addressed of course. 

 After years of dreaming and planning Gus decided to take the truck to the Shine Speed Shop for a full build. Collaborating with Jimmy, Gus was finally able to see his vision come to life.

  So far, the truck has been featured in Classic Truck magazine and taken home first place at every show its been shown at, including GNRS

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Build time: 2 ½ years

Cost: just enough

Top 8 brands:

  • Magnaflow

  • Toyo Tires

  • Accuair

  • CPP

  • GM Performance

  • Vintage Air

  • U.S. Radiator

  • Classic Instruments

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2016-09-16 001 002.JPG



Chassis: factory and modified with CPP components such as tubular control arms, trailing arms, raised cross-member, C-notched, 4” and 6” drop on Accuair ENDO system, 4-wheel disc brakes.

Wheels: two different sets. Mobsteel 20” with 64 caps and rings. BUDNIK 20” custom built 5 window 8” front and 10” rear width.

Tires: TOYO PROXES front, 245/40-ZR20. Rear, 275/35-ZR  

Drive train: GM Performance 350 / 4L65-E trans combo 375 HP / 405 torque. Painted and dressed to be of the vintage year of 1967

Body: original with some reproduction parts from Chevy Truck Shop in Orange, Ca.

Paint: RMD Garage in North Long Beach, Ca. PPG Paint is “Sand and Cream” Victor Creon did spray and rub.

Interior: Joe Sanchez of “Deluxe Interiors”. Cinnamon color leather stitched in complimentary Gold thread. 

Glass: Eddie Kotto / Kotto Auto Glass

Powder coat and ceramic: Pacific Coast Powder Coating / Kevin Garcia

Concept and Design by Gus Orendain

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