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Jimmy’s 2004 Ford Pickup

shine-f150-03 (1)

In 2003 Jimmy was approached by the Ford Motor Company to build a 70 year evolution of a hot rod Ford truck based on the iconic 34 Ford of Shine’s. The 2004 model featured a whole new body style for the F-150 and was considered by many as “slabsided”. Jimmy really liked the new body and the challenge of maintaining the theme between both trucks.

Ford sponsored the 2004 F-150 extra cab truck while Jimmy, Tony Thacker, and Pete Chapouris went on the quest to find other sponsors to assist in the build.
ROUSCH came to the table with a super-charged V-8 to give it some more power and Jimmy topped it off with a plenum chamber box / air filter that resembled the stacks of early injection.
AIR RIDE TECHNOLOGIES supplied a 4-link air bag system with self leveling capabilities.
Boyd Coddington had Mike Curtis in his wheel department work with Shine to design the custom billet 20” 10 spoke wheels to mimic those of the 34 as well. Specialized Coatings applied the bright red powder and Toyo Tires supplied the rubber.
The rear bumper was shortened 2” to tuck up to the body and look more like a roll pan. Jimmy then removed the tailgate handle and relocated an early Ford Badge in the center surrounded by a sufficient amount of louvers to complete the rear view.
MAGNAFLOW supplied the cat/back system that was then modified to have twin functional side exhaust tips, again to resemble the 34.
A custom stainless steel vertical grill was fabricated and a lower bumper diffusion panel complete with beveled holes. The factory Ford paint was knocked back and given a satin finish to have the appearance of raw metal but still protect the body.

The two trucks were displayed side by side at the S.E.M.A. show in Las Vegas 2003 and received rave reviews across the board. The truck saw many miles on the road and also served as the tow / push truck for the Thacker and Shine land speed roadster at El Mirage Dry Lake and also Bonneville.

The truck has since been sold and now resides in Italy.

1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar

2017-01-16 001 010
2017-06-22 001 001
2016-10-26 001 009
2016-10-26 001 008
2016-10-26 001 007 (1)
2016-10-26 001 007
2016-10-13 001 014
2016-10-13 001 009
2016-08-12 001 003 (2)
2016-07-08 001 008 - Copy

The Jetstar 1 project has taken a few good hard leaps forward as of recent! The perimeter chassis was laid out and tacked together on our build table with both forward and rear sub-frames being carefully jigged on the Baileigh fixture table to ensure geometry accuracy. Like building a house a proper foundation is mandatory. The real fun begins with the suspension components and seeing it come to life, having had great experiences in the past working with the crew at Art Morrison and also great success with their products, it was only right to continue our relationship. A call was made to Art and son Craig Morrison to describe what this project is about and they both agreed that they could contribute to the car and further the cause. THANK YOU to the team at ART MORRISON for the superior suspension components, quick response and generosity.


The Jetstar is now sitting pretty with the front end riding on the A.M. Sport Air I.F.S., Strange Eng. Adjustable shocks and Mustang rack. The original Olds rear-end is hooked to the chassis via the A.M. Tri-angulated 4-link system also with Strange shocks.
Hold tight, more to come soon!

Robert Harutunian 1964 Coupe De Ville

2017-03-09 001 013
SAM_7945 (1)
2017-01-31 001 003
2016-12-13 001 003
2017-03-14 001 008
2016-12-13 001 001
2016-12-13 001 015
2017-02-21 001 002
2016-12-12 001 002
2016-12-01 001 002
2017-01-31 001 002
2016-09-21 001 002

In 1964 a man by the name of Chris ( in Armenian it’s Chatschik ) Harutunian bought this Cadillac new and drove home to show his family and young son Robert. A prized family vehicle they spent many a mile in it and many years on the southern California motorways. Robert always had a special place in his heart for the car and he told me some great stories about his father and the Cad. One story is that of a 16 year old who just got his license ( Robert in 1969 ) and a couple buddies took the Cad for a little spin . . . naturally the young man forgot to get permission from Pops as Pops was at work and not available to be asked of course. All would be cool if it was returned safely and undamaged, unfortunately that didn’t happen. While cruising down Atlantic Blvd in Monterey Park a car slowly rolled out of the Atlantic Square and punched the 64 in the passenger side door . . . . and nobody in the car. . . .as Robert professes. Well now we all know the outcome of this story and the wrath of a father when you do a dumb kid stunt and get caught. Needless to say that the car was always something special to the family but more so to Robert. Some 20 years ago Chris decided to sell the aging Cadillac and it drifted off into obscurity, a decision Robert regretted not assuming the ownership. Many years pass by and sadly Dad has passed away . . . .Never far from Roberts mind and heart the car was always in his thoughts and by chance at a local car show one weekend a few years later Robert notices a 64 Cad rolling through lot and the license plate is that of his Dad’s Cad . . . . It took a few years of Robert’s persistence and finally he was able to convince the guy that he should sell him the car. Fortunately, he got the car back into the family possession and today here we are at the J.S.W.S. and in final assembly of the car and what we believe would make the old man proud. Back in black with a dark purple metallic top painted by Theresa Contreras at LGE/CTS in San Dimas, a mild custom of the finest most discerning taste. Accuair suspension on a finely detailed chassis, 429 engine and a first year Turbo 400 trans . . . it’s the “Mo Bad Cad” . . . expected delivery date Spring of 2018

 . . . . lower your altitude and increase your attitude!  

Johnny Bebeck 1951 Ford Shoebox: . . . “the Box”

2016-11-21 001 017
2016-11-16 001 002
2016-10-26 001 013
2016-10-10 001 003
2016-10-10 001 001
2016-10-07 001 005
2016-10-07 001 003
2016-08-23 001 022

Johnny acquired the car back in his early high school days and it was his only means of transportation for many years. Going to school, work and jamming it full of surfboards and then mobbing to Trestles with his buddies for an afternoon glass-off. Those early days Johnny held to his guns and always ran a hopped up 8BA flathead even when going to college up in L.A. and getting stuck in traffic with a “heat machine”. Those days are done and now we’re fooling around with a 351 Windsor and a C-4 to a 9” Ford rearend. The stock chassis is long since served its duty and we decided to construct a 2” x 4” tube chassis for safety and also the ability to “lay frame” . . . thank you ACCUAIR  for developing the E-Control system that brings us into the 21st century of air ride! Wheelsmith built us some nice steelie’s with L-78 series COKER radials to connect it to the ground. MAGNAFLOW exhaust components complete the exterior sound system. As is planned we will be performing a mild chop and retain the charm of the selected bright work including door handles and trunk hinges . . . . paint to be black with metallic gold. Slight hold up on progress as Mrs. Bebeck ( Kayla ) has become who we refer to as “the pregnant lady” . . . . gear change for Johnny as preparations are made for a little Bebeck to appear . . . congrats kids!

Erik Skovseth 1963 Buick Riviera . . . “Nordic Sapphire” or “A-riv-aderchi’” . . just thinking of fun show car names . . . suggestions?

Erik bought this Riv from his Uncle when he was 13 years old and got his first lick at mechanics and metalwork under the guidance of his dad Jon. Together and by himself Erik cut his teeth doing all his own welding and fitment of body panels. The longest trip taken to date has been around the block with a car load of buddies, no glass in the car and no fenders either . . . come on, we’ve all done that trick. Needless to say the project has been underway for many years and not at full steam. The time has come now to shift into high gear and get in the fast lane. Erik has always been a huge fan of Gene Winfield and Gene was tasked with applying a “one of a kind Winfield” . . . it was beautiful! Now here’s the down side of that story. . . . after taking delivery of the car from Gene there was an accident to the paint that almost pushed Erik off the proverbial ledge and he couldn’t speak about it for months. Upside of the story is that afterwards Erik was introduced to John “Harpoon” Haprov who is a talented painter and was the understudy of none other than Larry Watson. Not so much a problem but an opportunity to catch your breath and make it out to be even better. Erik decided that he was going to take parts off the car and preserve the paint job Gene did but now introduce Harpoon into the project and add to the pedigree of the car . . . . A late Friday night at the shop with all the guys hanging out at the shop, sharing ideas, you know. . . BS and smack talk. We are now considering a mild chop and some discreet body modifications to personalize this one of kind late 60’s Lakewood Blvd homage custom machine . . . nuff said.         

LOUVERS . . . . Shine style:

We also offer the finest in 3” louvers for those of the most discerning taste regarding the installation of automotive “cheese graters” to their respected machines . . . . sounds cool doesn’t it? Here are a few examples of different projects one of which is Ken Thurm’s 32 decklid and the process to split, punch, seal, reassemble and weld the seams . . . louvers are easy, the layout is what takes the time.

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