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JonnyB's shoebox

1951 ford concept 3.jpg
2016-11-16 001 004.JPG

Johnny acquired the car back in his early high school days and it was his only means of transportation for many years. Going to school, work and jamming it full of surfboards and then mobbing to Trestles with his buddies for an afternoon glass-off. Those early days Johnny held to his guns and always ran a hopped up 8BA flathead even when going to college up in L.A. and getting stuck in traffic with a “heat machine”. Those days are done and now we’re fooling around with a 351 Windsor and a C-4 to a 9” Ford rearend. The stock chassis is long since served its duty and we decided to construct a 2” x 4” tube chassis for safety and also the ability to “lay frame” . . . thank you ACCUAIR  for developing the E-Control system that brings us into the 21st century of air ride! Wheelsmith built us some nice steelie’s with L-78 series COKER radials to connect it to the ground. MAGNAFLOW exhaust components complete the exterior sound system. As is planned we will be performing a mild chop and retain the charm of the selected bright work including door handles and trunk hinges . . . . paint to be black with metallic gold. Slight hold up on progress as Mrs. Bebeck ( Kayla ) has become who we refer to as “the pregnant lady” . . . . gear change for Johnny as preparations are made for a little Bebeck to appear . . . congrats kids!

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