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1956 Chevy 210 sleeper

The grandma 56 Chevy 2 door 150 post is the sleeper creeper mochine of Pat’s minds eye. Pat found this car while he was looking for one. The car had once belonged to Jackie Howerton and then Steve Moal. A “cupcake” of a car that was always well taken care of, we promptly cut the suspension out of it and installed a 4-bar and coil over 9” Ford then carefully knocked in the mini wheel tubs for some room to place the Halibrand 10” hoops on Hoosiers. A custom 3” MAGNAFLOW exhaust system barks like an angry dog! The engine? . . . some kind of LS and some discreet tweaking has taken place but don’t know for sure as Pat doesn’t tell me. Smells funny. Two sets of shoes for this girl as we have the Halibrands and some factory looking steelies from Wheelsmith that sport the stock “poverty” caps. I think Pat’s middle name might be Falfa . . . . get it?

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