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    The 64 Olds Jetstar 1 project has been an ongoing project with many, many fine people and companies involved. Jetstar one when complete will be auctioned with all proceeds going to support the FOLDS OF HONOR (formerly wounded warrior) foundation, supporting scholarships for the families of our fallen vets.

    Jetstar 1 was Oldsmobiles initial answer to the Riviera and Grand Prix style "luxury performance cars" GM had created in 63 to compete with the popular 4 passenger Thunderbird. Basically a stripped down luke warm performance version of the luxury Starfire, the Jetstar 1 was a 2 year filler car until the launch of the Toronado and 4-4-2.  16,000 Jetstar 1's were produced making it a fairly rare car that today most people have never even seen or heard of. Our project reimagines the Jetstar 1 as a more balanced version of what it should have been, a gentleman's muscle car.  A combination of design ideas by Chip Foose and Allison design, Jetstar One sits on a full custom chassis with air ride suspension.

  The 394 Olds V8 has been updated with modern electronics and a custom designed "RAM JET" induction complete with functional scoops.  

ramjet induction.jpg
Jetstar 1 concept 1_29_20.jpg
Jetstar 1 concept 3_24_21.jpg
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