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56 F100 supertruck

Dave Kings '56 F100 Big window is a project we are currently working on at Shine Speedshop. The idea behind this concept and design is part muscle car, part super car, part bitchin' pick up... perfectly blended... and ya, It's a HEMI ! Many subtle body mods to clean it up, it sits on a modified Morrison chassis, injected 426 Hemi, Budnik custom design wheels with Red lines.

Scheduled to debute in 2023 

56 BIG A1.jpg
F100 sticker.png


56 BIG A1 2.jpg
56 truck dash 1.3 red.jpg
56 truck dash 1.5.jpg
56 BIG dash.jpg
56 truck dash 1.4 red.jpg
56 BIG HOOD.jpg
tach . 1.jpg
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