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The Rockhouse Barber

Tom and Tonette Oravec .... "Rockin and Choppin"

Tom started with an already built hot rod truck but wanted to make it uniquely his.

Ideas from many other inspirational trucks he'd seen were turning in his mind. First was to cut off the chassis and stretch the front end out further. Make the truck sit lower in the rear and ride on chrome coil-over shocks. 1940 Ford dash and gauges, channeled the cab down 2", blacked the rims, black walled the tires, making it sinister. The cherry on top is the H&H built SCOT blown flathead and custom polished stainless zoomies built by Mike Chiaverini.

Keep an eye out (or ear) when you're in Las Vegas as Tommy can be seen cruising the streets when he's not at his world famous "Rockhouse Barbershop" in Boulder City, NV . . . . if you need to get your ears lowered, you know where to go

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