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1968 HEMI Charger

charger sticker.png


  The story of Jimmy's 68 Charger goes like this. Several years ago Jesse James decided to quit the TV show Monster Garage and so producers called up Jimmy and offered him the job. They worked out plans to do a whole new show and its first episode would feature him building a car to run at El Mirage dry lake. They found a good car to begin with and went to work turning it into a race car, added an 800+ hp hemi engine, took it to the lake bed and filmed it doing a best of 182 mph. Some kind of hub-bub happened between Jesse and the production company and Monster Garage was back on and Jimmy's episode for the un named new show was shelved. The car, having been the product of TV content production went away and was forgotten about. 

  Fast forward to 2020 and Jimmy gets a call, his agent has a car in the basement parking garage of an apartment building he needs to get out of the way.... can we come and get it? Its the Charger, minus HEMI and few other odds and ends. Since then the car has been disassembled, freshened up and put back together with a new Keith Black hemi. 

More photos of the fresh car to come!  

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