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1964 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

In 1964 a man by the name of Chris ( in Armenian it’s Chatschik ) Harutunian bought this Cadillac new and drove home to show his family and young son Robert. A prized family vehicle they spent many a mile in it and many years on the southern California motorways. Robert always had a special place in his heart for the car and he told me some great stories about his father and the Cad. One story is that of a 16 year old who just got his license ( Robert in 1969 ) and a couple buddies took the Cad for a little spin . . . naturally the young man forgot to get permission from Pops as Pops was at work and not available to be asked of course. All would be cool if it was returned safely and undamaged, unfortunately that didn’t happen. While cruising down Atlantic Blvd in Monterey Park a car slowly rolled out of the Atlantic Square and punched the 64 in the passenger side door . . . . and nobody in the car. . . .as Robert professes. e your attitude!  

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    Well now we all know the outcome of this story and the wrath of a father when you do a dumb kid stunt and get caught. Needless to say that the car was always something special to the family but more so to Robert. Some 20 years ago Chris decided to sell the aging Cadillac and it drifted off into obscurity, a decision Robert regretted not assuming the ownership. Many years pass by and sadly Dad has passed away . . . .Never far from Roberts mind and heart the car was always in his thoughts and by chance at a local car show one weekend a few years later Robert notices a 64 Cad rolling through lot and the license plate is that of his Dad’s Cad . . . . It took a few years of Robert’s persistence and finally he was able to convince the guy that he should sell him the car. Fortunately, he got the car back into the family possession. By the time it came to Shine Speedshop it was torn apart and in boxes after some bad spells in other shops but, through alot of patience and hard work the "PsyCADellic" was completed to these stunning results in 2019. 

    Back in black with a dark purple metallic top , a mild custom of the finest most discerning taste. Accuair suspension on a finely detailed chassis, 429 engine and a first year Turbo 400 trans . . . lower your altitude and increase your attitude!  

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