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Jimmy’s 1934 Ford Pickup

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The now-famous ‘34 pickup was bought from Toby Brown back in 1997. Price: $500.00

Jimmy started the project by taking it to SO-CAL Speed Shop on a home-built flatbed trailer. Upon arrival, some of the guys said “Well, it’s already on a trailer and the dump is only a few more miles up the road!” Lesson? Hard work and passion prevails. Built over many years—as projects like these often evolve—this one began with a cab, an original ‘34 chassis, ‘33 commercial grille, the top halves of each door, an original firewall from friend John Carambia, a ‘39 Ford transmission, a ‘41 Ford “banjo” rearend, a ’49 Ford flathead built by Mike Gilbert and countless other discarded early Ford parts. Jimmy spent many nights welding, grinding and hitting old metal with hammers.

The truck graced the cover of Rodders Journal in 2001, featured in raw steel and in non-running condition. At the time, nobody saw the aftermath it would spawn coming. Over the many years following, it has been the subject of more than its fair share of magazines all over the world, with air time on numerous TV shows as well. The truck has traveled many miles on the highway and will continue for a long time to come. Jimmy sold the 1934 truck at the Scottsdale, Arizona, Barrett-Jackson auction in January of 2015 for $215,000. The new owner is Chris McPhie out of the Akron, Ohio-area. The sale was a necessary evil to allow Shine to finance this personal hot rod shop, the ‘Jimmy Shine Work Shop’. The truck will always be missed.

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